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Redo Concrete Floors and Sidewalks the Easy Way

Aesthetics of a sidewalk depends on its durability. A crumbled and cracked sidewalk or walkway is more common than we think. Taking care when we lay it will help to protect them and keep it functional for a long time. However, we face instances where they have deteriorated already. In such instances, the only thing to do is to redo these concrete floors and sidewalks. One top service provider in this field is Southside Concrete Polishing. They have years of experience, and so we can depend on them. Using professional services will reduce costs and effort. This is because they know what to do and already have the equipment needed so we need not buy them.


Repairing Damaged and Cracked Concrete Floors, Sidewalks, and Walkways

Having damaged sidewalks and cracked walkways is no longer a disadvantage. We can change its appearance and structure overnight with a self-leveling epoxy solution. We apply this floor coating to change that broken concrete floor into a marvelous, attractive piece of the walkway in a matter of hours.
Resurfacing takes place in a methodical manner using epoxy resin. First, we prepare the old surface by cleaning and repairing any structural damages that are present. After this, we spread water using a garden brush so the old concrete will not absorb water from the new epoxy resin we spread.
After spreading epoxy resin on a surface, it is necessary to spread it uniformly. We use a wooden spreader, so we do not get any marks on the surface of the floor we repair. After allowing the needed time for drying, a fixer is applied so all the floor material remains fixed in position. This ensures uniform appearance, good aesthetics, and colorful finish for your floor.

Why is Self-leveling Epoxy Floors Preferred?

Self-leveling epoxy in Nyc has a wonderful quality in that it transforms concrete floors with extensive damage into a wonderful looking, structurally stable floor. Due to this property, the demand for this terrific construction material has increased since it was first introduced. Apart from a smooth, seamless surface finish, the surface properties of epoxy resin make it resistant to forces of deformation that can mar a surface.

Concrete Floors and Sidewalks

Epoxy resin spreads out evenly, filling cracks, holes, and crevices in a smooth way. All the chips and cracks on a concrete floor disappear under the glossy, attractiveness of this resin cover. Of course, it will not provide any structural changes so if your floor has inherent weaknesses, you must get that repaired first. Use the services of Southside Concrete Polishing, the number-one flooring service provider to get your floor in shape.
Self-leveling epoxy floors in Nyc need only a fraction of the money you would pay for an elaborate reconstruction of your damaged floor. You can call us at any time for a free consultation regarding your flooring solutions.

Where to Put a Concrete Overlay?

A concrete overlay is different from an epoxy resin flooring in that it is used to supplement an already existing concrete structure. Epoxy resin is more of a filler material that helps to cover the defects. The concrete overlay also does this, but it provides structural rigidity of concrete so your walkway or warehouse floor retains its strength. We put a concrete overlay in places where there is an excessive load on a concrete floor. This will include:

  • Commercial car parks
  • Industrial areas
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses

In such places, the movement of people and vehicles is more, and so you need great structural stability. The use of colors and patterns helps differentiate regions within a warehouse or a car park. We also help you incorporate navigational signage in your concrete overlay so the movement of people and traffic is organized.
We have many kinds of concrete overlays Nyc. It depends on what you want your concrete surface to look like or do
Stamped concrete overlay

  •  Stained concrete overlay
  • Sprayed concrete overlay

Properties of Industrial and Residential Epoxy Flooring

Industrial buildings need tough material for their concrete floors such as epoxy. It is tough, durable, and has a high-gloss finish. Industrial Concrete Floor Polishing can apply this to any clean and porous concrete surface. Here is a look at those characteristics that make this special.

  • It is hard-wearing and has a glossy appearance.
  • We can install this with ease.
  • The high-gloss finish of an epoxy resin surface helps reflect light and so it makes the entire area bright.
  • Due to its slick surface, it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has good anti-slip properties to allow a high degree of grip for the workers. This keeps them safe when they are working.


Advantages of a Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete is the concrete that has undergone polishing using grinding stones of a minimum of 800 grits. Most of the highly polished ones use 1500 or 3000 grit. The benefits of using polished concrete flooring in NYC are these:

  • It does not allow dust accumulation.
  • It withstands a high amount of footfalls, and so it has a long lifespan.
  • You have many kinds of finishes from matte to high gloss.
  • This is water and stain-resistant.
  • It reflects light so you have plenty of light.

You will always choose the best option for your house or industrial area. At times, you must keep below a specific cost range. Moreover, at times, you will have to choose a material that suits the place where you lay it. Southside Concrete Polishing contractors in Nyc will help you with sound advice and even lay this flooring for you if you want. Trust on our professionals to deliver good, timely service in New York to you. You can even visit our website and check out what offerings we have for you before starting your flooring work.

Did you find these easy fixes to Concrete Floors and Sidewalks? Then please visit our website South Side Concrete Polishing or you can also visit Southside Epoxy Flooring Contractor.

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