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Experience attractive and functional floor work with Southern Illinois Epoxy. Our unparalleled flooring services to Holmdel, NJ residential and commercial landholders has been around for many years. We ensure you get quality floors that are easy to maintain without trading your firstborn for it. Don’t settle for less.

We Offer Premium Flooring Solutions in Holmdel, NJ

Whether you want to revamp your concrete or recoat it with an epoxy solution, our crew is ready to take on the task. We have modern custom flooring solutions for you. The most exciting part is that you, as the homeowner, control the decision on the colors and design you want. But we’ll still advise you on a variety of colors that ensure you have an energy-efficient space. You don’t want a floor that requires you to install additional lamps and result in an upsurge in your energy consumption.

  • We’ve served the greater New Jersey for over a decade and still counting
  • Quality is our top priority. You can have peace of mind because we guarantee beautiful and lasting floors
  • We install your floor coatings in as little as a single day
  • You have hundreds of floor solutions, colors, and design choices to get the perfect custom floors
  • Our local flooring experts understand the unique environmental challenges for the perfect solutions
  • Affordable pricing and practical solutions are central to our offerings without compromising on quality
  • Extensive knowledge combined with in-house resources to provide more.



Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a popular flooring solution among commercial property owners because of its high-gloss and durability. Out of every ten commercial buildings, you may visit in Holmdel, you can see at least six decked out with polished concrete. We are talking about showrooms, food cafes, restrooms, public social halls, and more. Some residential homeowners are also embracing polished concrete floors.


Concrete staining projects

If you need stained concrete, you can count on us for concrete staining services. We have a crew that comprises gifted and experienced concrete staining specialists set apart for the Holmdel NJ concrete staining market. Be sure of expert service delivery with us in charge of your concrete staining project.


Indoors flooring epoxy

Applying an epoxy coating on the concrete floor of your home or commercial building makes it resistant to water, spills, and other forms of damage. Also, the floor’s aesthetic appeal improves remarkably, and it lasts for many years before you apply another coating.


Decorative concrete solutions

This is yet another exciting flooring solution ideal for both interior and outdoor flooring projects. Plus, we can achieve the customization that you’ll find satisfactory at all times. Decorative concrete applies to both residential and commercial flooring projects. Let us know if you consider trying it out. We promise not to disappoint.


Metallic epoxy flooring

Metallic epoxy floors are a perfect option when it comes to mimicking marble. A metallic epoxy compound resembles liquid magma and gives your floor a striking look that can easily pass for marble. We have installed many metallic epoxy floors in Holmdel NJ and its environs over the years.

Concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing

Concrete is susceptible to wear and tear. Even well-cured concrete may develop cracks from impact. So, always see to it that the cracks are sealed before they aggravate. Resurfacing your concrete saves you the hassle of doing overlays or new installations, which is costly. Feel free to ask us over for a floor inspection whenever you spot crevices on your floor. We will provide you with a long-lasting concrete resurfacing solution.

Pool deck resurfacing

Pool leak repairs

Assessing your swimming pool’s condition frequently is advisable because the structures are prone to leaks even when they are properly maintained. There are many factors that occasion pool leaks, and understanding some of them can be quite challenging to a layperson. Therefore, you may want to engage the services of a professional to assess your pool for leaks and fix them expeditiously. Think Southern Illinois Epoxy whenever such a need arises.

Advanced custom flooring

Advanced custom flooring

Holmdel NJ has homeowners that need advanced flooring services. That’s why we have state-of-the-art equipment and a soundly trained crew that understands our clients’ unique floor needs. We always want to ensure that we leave you with a floor that surpasses your expectations as far as advanced flooring service provision goes.

Custom epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coatings

Both residential and commercial property owners in Holmdel and beyond understand the importance and benefits of installing epoxy floor coatings. That’s clients’ unique floor needs. We always want to ensure that we leave you with a floor that surpasses your expectations as far as advanced flooring service provision goes.

Concrete Overlays
Unparalleled Flooring Solutions for Holmdel, NJ

Southern Illinois Epoxy has been unwaveringly providing epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, concrete staining services, and more to Holmdel homes and businesses. We have a comprehensive, well trained, and experienced flooring crew that has kept us afloat over the years in the ocean of stiff competition. What’s more, we have modern types of equipment that make our service delivery high class. Choosing us to be your flooring service provider is a safe bet.

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