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Enjoy a fresh look of wear-resistant floor surfaces with Southside Concrete Polishing. Our installation experts are skilled, experienced, and well equipped to install quality epoxy floors, stained concrete, and concrete finish. You can count on us for your floor needs in Red Bank. Does your floor need resurfacing? We have a lot of innovative flooring solutions for you.

Numerous Floor Solutions for Red Bank Homes and Businesses

Homes and businesses in Red Bank require floor solutions that are functional and durable as well. That helps meet the local government code, look good, and protect its users. At Southside Concrete Polishing, we understand this and do everything in our power to provide quality floors that exceed expectations. We have a variety of solutions for our clients. Expect:

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Epoxy Garage Floor NJ


Garages are busy places, whether in a home or a commercial property. You’ll notice chips, cracks, and stains, which result from the heavy activities, footwork,

and spillages. The good news is that you can have a durable garage surface using epoxy. Count on our flooring pros to surface your home or business garage with a tough and flawless garage floor at a reasonable price.

Stained Concrete


Staining concrete brings about numerous possibilities when it comes to patterns and colors. In the hands of a pro contractor, you’ll get a durable floor surface that’s

waterproof and aesthetically appealing. Often, our customers come with custom needs or select any pattern and designs in our catalog that fit their desires, then our teams do the work.

Epoxy Warehouse NY & NJ


Polishing concrete makes your floor shinier and durable. With such a surface, you get a glossy sheen that you can easily maintain. Better still, your done floor helps

you save on energy bills. Our experts understand how to polish floors to the desires of our customers. We can enhance it with your desired designs and colors as well.

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Our teams can avail beautiful and long-lasting epoxy floor systems for your residence or industrial space. From patios, kitchens, lounges, pavements, and

driveways, our teams are committed to making your space as functional as possible.

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Metallic epoxy can make your space very aesthetically appealing in a way you can’t get anywhere else. With the right team employed on your project, you get top

quality floor solutions with metallic epoxy. Southside Concrete Polishing is your partner in this.
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Epoxy avails a variety of flooring solutions for virtually any space. Single Color Neat Epoxy is one such floor solution. If you are looking for a simple installation with a

single color, yet very durable, then this could be what you need. Our teams are skilled and equipped enough to make one-color neat epoxy for your space.

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Epoxy floors are very hard-wearing. When you combine epoxy with quartz, they even become tougher. If you are a business owner and think your commercial space

needs the toughest floor from our teams, then this one is the perfect solution. Most of these installations happen in busy industrial spaces like commercial kitchens.

epoxy metallic floor


You can also go with mortar epoxy or urethane epoxy. It’s a combination of adhesives with higher solid contents, which makes it heat damage resistant and

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NYC Polished Concrete The Purl Union Square


We’ve been installing floors for more than a decade now, and have had the opportunity to work on hundreds. Our customers come with specific needs and

let us bring their vision into reality. If you have any personalized floor requirements, don’t hesitate to reach us.

Work With the Top Contractor for Your Floors in Red Bank, NJ


Southside Concrete Polishing has been in the flooring business for more than a decade now. We offer premium flooring solutions for both residential and commercial spaces in Red Bank and its surroundings. Expect nothing but quality flooring systems because our teams are passionate about excellence and deliver affordable results on every project.