Why Install a Commercial Epoxy Floor?

Epoxy systems are a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically form an extremely strong, durable, rigid, and impact resistant plastic coating. Epoxy applications cost-effectively repair surface cracks, pits, stains, and damage. Decorative Concrete and safety surface enhancements (i.e.: color, anti-strip, designs, etc.) may be added. Epoxy flooring systems in Nyc are ideal for heavy-traffic commercial environments such as hospitals, sports/event venues, schools, and more.


Poured resin flooring in Nyc is affordable, low-maintenance, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and seamless. It has no edges, cuts, or joints, which makes poured resin an ideal, safe, and durable commercial flooring solution. It may be customized. And if you change your interior, merchandise, brand, or design, it can be easily sanded and refinished to suit your colors or specific requirements.

There are several types of resin coatings that are suitable for commercial floors:

  • Epoxy flooring
  • Cementitious urethane mortars
  • Urethane topcoats
  • Polyaspartic finishes
  • Vinyl ester coatings

All of our flooring systems work well in particular commercial environments in New York under certain conditions. Some are used together to create unique, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Benefit of a Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor?

Commercial Epoxy Flooring


As soon as the final seal is cured, traffic and loads may resume!


Epoxy flooring systems installed by epoxy floor installers near me extend overall service life. It stands up to constant stresses of high foot- and equipment- traffic, heavy loads, and typical impacts that occur during daily operations (i.e.: dropped forklift loads, chemical and oil spills, etc.). The new layer of the hardened resin material is as durable and strong, or stronger, as the concrete beneath it minimizes or alleviates cracking or sinking.


Maintenance is minimal and there is no long-term care necessary to maintain the clean, seamless, and professional appearance. It is also hypoallergenic, dust mite, and relatively fungi-proof. Once installed, there is NO WAXING, NO STRIPPING, AND NO RE-POLISHING! The only routine maintenance required is a once-a-week water wiping or swabbing. Installed baseboards along your polished floor edge prevent fluids from seeping into the crevices where the concrete floor and wall meet.

Compliant, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly

Seamless no-slip epoxy concrete floors retain heat and/or air conditioning that help your business conserve energy. No joints or seams aid a safer environment for employees and equipment operations alike! NATURAL LIGHT is also enhanced as a result of the floor’s reflective finish. More natural light ensures better visibility as well as lower power bills.

The solid epoxy resin is also FIRE- and CHEMICAL-RESISTANT. Underlayment smooths old concrete and protects the new floor from humidity, moisture, and dampness that breeds molds and fungi. The material naturally resists spills, oils, chemicals, and dust buildup.


Color and unique design are easily incorporated into your commercial flooring project with little additional effort or expense. Stains and dyes may also be used to change the concrete’s color as well as enhance the final finishes appearance. Aggregates, chips, or unique pieces may also be incorporated into the epoxy for texture as well as color enhancement.

Is There a Downside to Commercial Epoxy Concrete Floors?


Preparing the substrate is the most important, tedious, and time-consuming part of commercial epoxy flooring installation. The existing concrete floor must be dried (free of moisture) and thoroughly cleaned of stains, spills, chemicals, or other defects. Failure to sufficiently dry out the substrate, clean existing contaminated areas, or fill/grout pits or voids will adversely affect adhesion. For example, epoxy does not adhere well in dark, damp environments such as basements or storage rooms.


Epoxy does not “breathe,” which makes it vulnerable to moisture problems if preparation, underlayment, or sealing is not adequate or properly installed and applied. Humidity can also create enough trapped moisture to delaminate the mixed resin material over time. Similarly, poor sealing can allow moisture from routine washing or weather elements to also get trapped under the epoxy layers. Once the epoxy installation is sealed and cured, moisture is trapped. Trapped moisture encourages fungi, mold, and mildew, and can encourage bacterial growth. Repair or refinishing may be necessary if trapped moisture causes the epoxy installation to buckle or bubble.

Types of Commercial Epoxy Flooring Systems

Commercial epoxy floor nyc

Commercial flooring systems must be safe, aesthetically-pleasing, low-maintenance, and able to withstand high traffic volumes. There are a variety of epoxy flooring systems that are seamless, cost-effective, and low VOC. They correct old concrete floors to help make them safer and long-lasting. They are conducive to both commercial and industrial activities, users, and operations.

Self-Leveling Epoxy

Self-leveling epoxy fills in voids and cracks in old, existing, damaged concrete flooring. This process creates a smooth, harder, more durable, and seamless, flooring surface. It becomes as easy-care and low maintenance as any other epoxy installation. Colors may be selected and added to denote industrial equipment traffic patterns, distinct logos or decorative designs, or to indicate work zones, safety, and hazardous industrial or manufacturing areas.

This self-leveling system is equally effective in warehouses, garages, hangers, or anywhere where safety is required. This system also offers protection from impacts, chemicals, and abrasions.

Epoxy Flake Floors

Epoxy flake floor systems are hardened epoxy resin floors made with decorative aggregate chips or flakes implanted into the epoxy. The floor’s texture provides a safer anti-slip, an anti-fall surface that is colorful as well as seamless, resilient, and durable. There is no limit to color or types of chips, sizes, or shapes. Showrooms, conference rooms, kitchens, laundromats, or other areas where there may be spills or moisture that cause slips or falls have these seamless floors installed. Epoxy flake floors are good safety features where users may be distracted or engaged in activities other than watching where they are stepping.

Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors

Quartz-filled epoxy flooring is a decorative, clean, durable, and slip-resistant epoxy flooring that is low-maintenance and beautiful. It is well-suited for locker rooms and restrooms, as well as office space.

ESD-Resistant Floors

Anti-static, seamless epoxy floors are practical solutions for reducing static charge hazards that are common in all work environments but particularly hazardous in hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and garage areas where flammable liquids or gases are present. This type of industrial epoxy flooring system has a conductive material that collects and dissipates static electricity.

Retail Epoxy Floors

We love installing epoxy floors in retail shops. Visit our page here to learn more about our retail epoxy flooring.

Southside Concrete Polishing ensures your epoxy flooring installation is a quick, easy, and satisfying experience with results that “WOW” you!

Why Hire the Industrial Epoxy Professionals?

Industrial Epoxy is usually used in high traffic areas. It’s important to have an applicator with experience that can do the job right the first time. The last thing you want is a 20,000 square ft slab that uses the wrong combination of epoxy and hardeners and peels of bubbles six months down the line. We use several different options for industrial concrete slabs including epoxy with quartz additive and polyaspartic top coats to have an extremely durable floor that will stand up to machinery and chemical spills. We service New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey.

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