Concrete Resurfacing New York

Concrete Resurfacing New York

Looking for a reliable concrete resurfacing contractor? Southside Concrete is the #1 voted concrete resurfacing/polishing & epoxy contractor in New York! We have decades of experience in the concrete sector and know exactly what it takes to make a concrete floor shine. Our methods help restore the existing foundation of any concrete surface to help keep the flooring aesthetically pleasing, safe, and functional.

For instance, a driveway is subject to the wear-and-tear of massive amounts of steel and rubber. Over time, automobiles degrade the concrete surface of any driveway. The old method of repairing a concrete driveway involved ripping out and removing large chunks of damaged concrete; however, the new method of resurfacing cuts down on time, money, and labor costs. The relatively new process of concrete resurfacing has revolutionized the world of concrete

Industrial Epoxy Coated Floors

Concrete is a widely-used, highly durable, and strong choice for all manners of flooring. Pool decks, driveways, garage floors, indoor/outdoor floors, and patios are just a few areas where concrete is used. Despite concrete’s longevity and strength, many factors can wear out the original flooring. Harsh inclement weather, heavy foot traffic, and general wear-and-tear will eventually degrade the quality of even the strongest of concrete floors. So what can you do about it?

All that foot traffic and weather will eventually discolor and damage concrete flooring. Historically, decorative concrete and stained concrete needed to be replaced when enough deterioration of the surface occurred. This type of concrete replacement requires a lengthy process that removes and replaces the concrete. The issue with this method is that the end result may look nonuniform and patchy. In addition to this, the method of patching and removing large chunks of concrete include demolition crews and junk removal teams: the labor costs begin to add up rapidly.

The type of damage that warrants resurfacing typically shows up as small divots and fine cracks along the concrete’s surface. While many people think that redoing the entire concrete foundation is necessary, we do not believe that it needs to be that complicated. Concrete resurfacing essentially removes the top surface of concrete and replaces it with a brand-new cement layer that fills in small holes and divots.

Why Should I Resurface My Floors?

Homeowners often look for the smartest and most cost-efficient option for any home repair solution. The average concrete floor can be replaced for a fractional cost when compared to the costly price of completely renovating an existing concrete floor. Concrete removal is pricey and time-consuming, while concrete resurfacing costs less, requires less labor hours, and essentially performs the same function of removal and replacement.

There are many reasons that homeowners love to resurface rather than replace; chief among them is the extended lifespan of the concrete, with the ability to add new patterns, stains, and colors if so desired. It is also an eco-friendly solution, as less concrete needs to be hauled away to the dump (which means less labor costs). Concrete resurfacing also adds a new level of safety and curb appeal to the old surface. This is a great way to improve the attractiveness of any driveway, pool deck, or indoor/outdoor flooring area. If the renovations are being done to a business, it will add a level of charm and professionalism that your clients will appreciate.

The Process

Resurfacing an aging concrete surface to improve its appearance is a multi-step procedure that requires a professional team of concrete contractors to get the job done right. The right team will be able to achieve the right accuracy, precision, and attention to detail for a price that is fair. Our process of concrete resurfacing is as follows:

  • Clean the concrete surface. Over time, many imperfections may begin to affect the surface of the concrete, such as mold, mildew, oil spots, cracks, small divots, and other mild amounts of damage.
  • Identify cracks, holes, and divots in the concrete. Different sizes of damage call for different methods of repair. We may use an epoxy mortar or a polymer concrete reinforced with construction fabric to help fill in any unsightly damages on the surface. These two mixtures will eventually be smoothed out to create a uniform level.
  • Cover, color, and seal. After the necessary repairs are made, we’ll cover the concrete with a thin layer of concrete overlay. After that, any decorative or aesthetic alterations will be made based on the client’s requirements. A sealant will then be applied to protect the freshly renovated concrete from the elements.
  • The curing process. The concrete curing process may take anywhere from 48-72 hours to complete. The surface needs to dry completely, so no foot traffic/automobiles should be allowed on the concrete during this time.

There are, of course, many additional options during the process of concrete resurfacing that you can employ to maximize the value of the procedure. For example, concrete staining and concrete overlays can improve the appearance of concrete through the use of rollers, floats,

rubber squeegees, hand trowels, and specialized chemical mixtures. We can transform that worn out, boring concrete floor into something eye-catching and special!

New York Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

Southside Concrete Polishing provides the best concrete flooring solutions in New York City. We can take a damaged, worn-out concrete surface and make it look like new through the process of concrete resurfacing. We are masters at transforming your floor into a durable, low maintenance, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing masterpiece, and we have a massive portfolio and decades of experience to back that claim up.

Our services our available for all of your residential flooring, commercial flooring, and industrial flooring needs in New York! See why more and more people are choosing to resurface their concrete floors today! We can make your home, business, and establishment flooring look brand new.

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