Top-Rated Decorative Concrete Company

Top-Rated Decorative Concrete Company

Decorative concrete in NYC is fast gaining momentum as one of the most preferred flooring options. It is available in a wide range of color and finishing choices. Concrete floors can be transformed into decorative concrete floors by adding materials to the mixture. These materials are added either immediately after the concrete has been poured or after the curing period.

The colors you will use in decorative concrete in New York depends on your preference or the look you want to achieve. Color pigments and hardeners in powder form are mixed with wet concrete to come up with a consistent opaque color.

Dyes and stains used in decorative concrete come in liquid form and are added after the hardening of concrete for vibrant or translucent color. Decorative concrete floors are low in maintenance. When installed and properly maintained they will have a long lifespan.

What is Decorative Concrete?

The appearance of concrete floors can be enhanced by adding various chemicals to achieve decorative concrete. With decorative concrete, concrete surfaces still maintain its main function as an essential part of a home or building but this time with an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Installers of decorative concrete can make a Commercial concrete flooring Nyc system look and feel exactly like brick, wood, granite, tile, slate, marble, and other material. Decorative concrete is a much cheaper option than those materials.

The decorative concrete process is safe and environmentally-friendly. It is also the best option for having an elegant and stylish floor without spending so much.

Types of Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a new take on a tried-and-true flooring solution.

Stamped Concrete

When stamping is completed, concrete will have a textured appearance similar to bricks or natural stone. Projects focusing on a textured appearance rather than on unique color options is the main focus of the stamped concrete process.

Stamped concrete is one of the more popular types of decorative concrete. Aside from mimicking the look of natural stones decorative concrete can also include imprints of fossils, shells and other items. Stamped concrete is produced by pressing molds of the design or pattern into the wet concrete.

Dyed Concrete

This type of decorative concrete uses a dye instead of a chemical reaction to achieve the desired color. Recent advances in technology and new techniques have allowed dyes to be more durable and long-lasting even when exposed to direct sunlight. A 5% annual fading rate is to be expected though.

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Dyed concrete is ideal for indoor concrete floors. Stencils to create unique patterns and designs are often used during the polishing stage. Brand names and company logos are often etched on dyed concrete floors.

Stained Concrete

A chemical reaction is used to achieve the desired color and look of the concrete floor. This decorative concrete creates attractive and unique designs with various color options.

Polished Concrete

Simple and visually appealing surfaces can be created in a cost-effective manner with Retail polished concrete. Polished concrete can be used on existing concrete floor surfaces or during the design stage.

How Is Decorative Concrete Installed?

Through decorative concrete, stamp patterns and designs are created to achieve a realistic look and feel of the natural stone it is mimicking. This application is found in many buildings, but has only recently been regarded as one of the best choices for replacement flooring. It looks like real stone and marble. Enough said.

Installing decorative concrete is a delicate and tedious process. The creativity of the designer and installer provide limitless possibilities. Concrete, however, is a tricky material to work with. It comes with a lot of variables that can affect the final product.

The process used to transform concrete surfaces into decorative concrete depends on the look that needs to be achieved. There are two ways to achieve this: treating the existing concrete surface or laying down a new concrete surface over the old surface.

Regardless of the method used to create a decorative concrete, decorative concrete – when done the proper way – can completely transform concrete surfaces into works of art.

  • Comes in matte to high gloss finish
  • Dust free floors
  • Seamless so there are no lines for dust and dirt to settle in
  • Reflects light so there will be no need for additional lighting.
  • Hypoallergenic because it is resistant to allergens ( dust and dust mites)
  • Tough, durable and hard wearing
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Reduces tire wear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low maintenance costs
  • A good alternative flooring system to granite, marble, wood, tile, and linoleum.
  • Highly affordable
  • Long lasting

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Why Hire the Professionals?

Transforming concrete surfaces into decorative concrete requires special skills, equipment, technology, and techniques. When working on decorative concrete, should anything go wrong, it will go very wrong.  Southside Concrete Polishing has all the tools and equipment required to pour, stain, stamp, dye and polish concrete surfaces to create a successful decorative concrete. Should you decide to do this process as a do-it-yourself project, you will need to buy all these expensive tools.  The concrete material can be difficult to handle. It needs to be the right consistency so the decorative concrete can be successfully installed. South Side Concrete Polishing always makes sure concrete is of the right consistency and properly poured to ensure a beautiful and realistic decorative concrete.  Decorative concrete may be stamped, stained, dyed or polished to create beautiful patterns on flooring systems. These processes entail a lot of work and patience to achieve the right look.  We at South Side Concrete Polishing have the skills, experience, and creativity needed to create an aesthetically appealing decorative concrete. Working with us will give you limitless possibilities for your exterior (and also interior) concrete surfaces.

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