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We care about our clients and we care about your floors. The southside difference means that we are dependable, show up and work tirelessly until your floors are absolutely perfect. We want every one of our floors to be award winning because we take pride in our work. Polished concrete and epoxy floors are eco friendly, durable flooring solutions. Our crew is highly competent, certified in multiple flooring solutions and always up to date with the best machinery and training so that we can meet your needs at a moments notice. With a location in Marlboro, New Jersey. Southside Concrete Polishing flooring experts can deliver a custom and epoxy or polished concrete floor system that is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Our crew is highly competent and readily available to advise and solve your flooring needs.

Enjoy our Premium Flooring Solutions in Marlboro & Holmdel NJ

It is time to let go of your traditional flooring for modern custom solutions that are easy to maintain, and are capable of lasting for generations. Wood, tiles, and carpet are things of the past, and many Marlboro and Holmdel NJ residents understand this and are moving to eco friendly and durable epoxy or polished concrete floors.

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Epoxy Flake


We use epoxy systems in garages, warehouses, residential or commercial buildings because there are so many different options.

that is easy to maintain. If your garage floor is made of concrete as is the case with most garages we have seen in Colts Neck NJ, you can make it better with epoxy. Garage floors experience both machine and foot traffic, making them prone to damage. But applying epoxy coating goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your garage floor and you as the user.

Stained Concrete


Stained concrete brings out the natural colors of the concrete. We stock different types of concrete stains that work indoors and outdoors.

eye-catching space into which they will transform it. You can count on us for exceptional concrete staining if you plan on improving your residential and commercial concrete floors.

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Epoxy floor coatings are perfect for warehouses and commercial buildings in Marlboro. We handle self leveling epoxy, cementitious overlays and antiskid floors.

services from varied customers in Colts Neck NJ and surrounding communities. And we are passionate about offering custom epoxy floor coatings that satisfy the unique epoxy floor system needs of our customers.

epoxy metallic floor


We offer custom floor systems to meet the needs of our clients. We handle the largest installs that need to stand up to machinery or chemicals.

that suits your unique advanced flooring needs.

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If you have ever seen molten magma, metallic epoxy mimics it. Using metallic epoxy to coat your floor results in a beautiful space that you can liken to a

high-end flooring solution like marble. No wonder many Colts Neck NJ residential and commercial landholders love metallic epoxy floors.

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Have you spotted cracks and spalling signs on your concrete floor? Don’t wait until the cracks develop into ruts and decay. Concrete resurfacing is a great option.

of replacing the entire floor. We can resurface your concrete to make it look good as new before the damage gets beyond repair.

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Pool deck staining and coating can bring your pool a completely new cost effective look. We have different surface stains that look like stone but are actually coatings.

difficult to know the cause of some leaks. So, it is good to let an expert assess the condition of your pool. Our experts can identify and fix the leaks expeditiously.

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We use decorative concrete to install both indoors and outdoors floors. It is also fit for both residential and commercial floor systems and lasts longer. Plus, we can

customize it to your desire as a homeowner.

polished concrete design choices


Polished concrete is a popular commercial flooring solution we offer. You are most likely to see polished concrete floors in showrooms, restrooms, hotels, and many

other commercial buildings in Colts Neck NJ. Even residential homes are embracing this flooring alternative that has a high-gloss finish and lasts for ages.

Outstanding Flooring Solutions for Marlboro NJ

Southside Concrete Polishing has been offering epoxy flooring, concrete staining, and concrete polishing services to Marlboro NJ households and businesses for the past ten years. We come with experience and unparalleled flooring skills. Contact and let us know what floor needs you may have. If you look to upgrade your floor, revamp your concrete, or do surface coating for your new construction, we’re here to help. We have a gratifying solution that falls within your budget.