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Epoxy Floors can make your new retail store look Great!!

Epoxy resins in New York have been used for strength and increased durability since the late 1800s. The synthesized version that is the basis for today’s formulation was patented in the mid-1930s. Its use was commercialized ten years later. It has survived various aerospace uses and experiments, failures and evolutions as well! Today’s formulation is a combined high-gloss epoxy resin varnish for laminates with thermal and mechanical/chemical properties and low VOC content and viscosity. Its substrate application is a process, but its resultant aesthetics are awesome!

Southside Concrete Polishing epoxy flooring systems are popular for their strength, durability, and ability to adhere to most base layers. They are WATER-RESISTANT and FIREPROOF and comply with Building Code requirements. Epoxy systems are flexible and suitable for a variety of applications.

Our retail epoxy concrete flooring in Nyc is more durable, longer-lasting, and seamlessly uncluttered. It stands up to traffic for decades and scuffs can be quickly removed with no more than a magic eraser. These systems create an impressive hotel lobby entrance, upscale shopping experience, or show, venue, or exhibition area enhancement with little maintenance ever required.

What is Epoxy Concrete Flooring?

An epoxy coating can be applied to almost any concrete slab. Success primarily depends on slab preparation prior to application. Underlayment and vapor barriers are necessary to ensure humidity or moisture do not get trapped or deplete the epoxy’s good adhesive, strength, and durability over time. It has become a popular heavy-duty coating and finishing system for modern high traffic retail, commercial, industrial, and residential areas.

Our Southside Concrete Polishing Team preps and then applies your desired epoxy coating like they are painting your floor. We prepare your existing concrete using a diamond grinder/sander. All prior spills, chemical residue, dust, and other contaminants are thoroughly removed. Crevices and joints are filled and the surface is primed/sealed to ensure a clean, bubble-free installation.

The epoxy resin and hardener are mixed and applied. Some types of epoxy applications, such as epoxy terrazzo, require immediate working within 45 – 60 minutes after mixing.

For best and minimal curing time results, we apply your epoxy system ideally when the area’s temperature is at 65 F. – 85 F. degrees. Epoxy is a thick application that takes longer to cure if it is applied at lower temperatures (i.e.: 50 F. – 60 F.). The second epoxy coat (when needed) is applied within 48 hours of the first to ensure they properly fuse together.

We can add colors to your polished concrete. Foot and heavy load traffic may resume after the epoxy floor cures (24 – 48 hours).

What Are The Benefits Of Retail Epoxy Concrete?

Southside Concrete Polishing can help you achieve the full benefits of installing epoxy concrete flooring. Epoxy resin concrete flooring is a practical and decorative solution for your retail space. Your base slab is protected from stains, grease, and moisture, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. You also have an attractive, extremely durable, impact-proof surface once curing is complete.

Other benefits of installing a polished epoxy concrete floor include:

  • Fire-resistant, chemical/spill resistant
  • Dust, mold, and moisture resistant
  • Impact, chip, and scratch resistant
  • Non-shrink (in high temp and humidity)
  • Longevity
  • Increases natural light (from its glossy reflections)
  • Easy care/easy to clean
  • No-slip (textured applications)
  • No-wax
  • Able to be customized (no-fade colors)
  • Versatility (other applications may easily be installed over it)
Retail Epoxy Flooring 1

Affordable, Low-Maintenance, Durable, Long-Lasting AND PRACTICALLY NO WAITING to use! The future is Epoxy.


We assure you IT IS POSSIBLE and PRACTICAL to have a nearly indestructible polished concrete floor designed for your establishment and guests that not only gets your hall, store, café, etc. noticed, but keeps them coming back for more! Let us help you make your signature entry, aisles, or lobby light, warm, and memorable.

Customer/Staff Safety and Liability

We thoroughly clean and prep epoxy concrete floor bases to ensure voids, crevices, stains, and defects are eliminated and do not bleed through or create product deterioration where it becomes unsafe to your employees or customers. Texture and sealers also help prevent your epoxy concrete flooring from becoming slippery when wet. Tripping, slipping, and falling incidents are lessened by the smooth, defect-free surface.

We ensure your epoxy concrete floor will be free from cracks or breaks, defects, insects, or other related abnormalities. If you decide to redecorate in the future, epoxy surfacing is forgiving and flexible to allow changes whenever you choose.

Long-Lasting – Low-Maintenance

You’ll save an enormous amount of time and energy due to the longevity of our Epoxy flooring systems. There is no waxing, no stripping, and no-repolishing to worry about!

The only routine maintenance required is a once-a-week water wiping or swabbing. Installed baseboards along your polished floor edge prevent fluids from seeping into the crevices where the concrete floor and wall meet. No worry about moisture or fungi buildup!

Compliant and Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy concrete floors retain heat and/or air conditioning that help your business conserve energy. NATURAL LIGHT is also enhanced as a result of the floor’s reflective finish. The solid epoxy resin is FIRE- and CHEMICAL-RESISTANT. The underlayment protects from humidity, moisture, and dampness that breeds molds and fungi. The material naturally deters dust buildup.

Do These Epoxy Concrete Floors Have A Downside?

Retail Epoxy Concrete Flooring

Because epoxy resins do not breathe, humidity and floor moisture can directly impact the success and durability of the epoxy concrete floor installation over time if not properly mitigated beforehand. The primary drawbacks of installing an epoxy concrete floor are:

  • The initial floor preparation – If the surface is not properly prepared and the vapor barrier properly installed, cracks, bubbles, durability, and buckling can occur from trapped moisture.
  • The application process – Some types of epoxy applications, such as epoxy terrazzo, require immediate working within 45 – 60 minutes after mixing.
  • Cure time – Curing takes approximately 12 hours (or a little longer) before foot- and equipment traffic can safely utilize the surface.

YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS – JUST LEAVE IT TO YOUR SOUTHSIDE CONCRETE POLISHING TEAM! We are well-trained and professionally skilled in epoxy concrete floor installation! We ensure your epoxy concrete flooring is professionally-installed, appealing, and totally functional within the allotted curing time. And all of our work and materials are backed by our generous WARRANTY and 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Is There a Downside to Commercial Epoxy Concrete Floors?

Epoxy concrete floors also possess the same drawbacks all concrete flooring applications have:


Concrete floors have similar hard surface acoustic qualities as hardwood and bamboo, stone, and ceramic tile floors and walls. Soft materials such as drapes, fabrics, area rugs, sound panels to break up spaces, and displays may be used to help absorb sound and reduce poor sound quality and echoes throughout your retail space.

User Fatigue

Your strong and the highly-durable epoxy concrete floor is also very hard. It does not provide a cushion for those that must stand on it for long periods. Anti-fatigue mats may be needed to cushion employees’ feet and legs that must stand on this hard surface daily for long hours. Softer surfaced break rooms may also be needed to give staff a more comfortable rest.


Concrete floors do not retain heat well. As the outside temperature falls, those walking or standing on the polished concrete floor will feel their feet become chilled, much as if they were standing on ceramic tile or stone. You may elect to install radiant heating to minimize heat loss.

Types of Epoxy Concrete Floors for Retail Environments

Solid Epoxy

Solid epoxy is pure, 100% epoxy, which makes flooring installed using it significantly more expensive than water-based epoxy floor installations. They offer numerous advantages that water-based epoxy floors do not:

  • They last longer
  • They withstand heavy traffic better
  • The design can more easily be changed later

Overall, solid epoxy floors are more difficult and costly to install primarily because of the bonding agent necessary for the installation. They are also not recommended for installation in high moisture/extreme temperature areas.

Water-Based DIY Epoxy Systems

Water-based epoxy applications are thin, easy-applied epoxy sealants that are primarily intended for the DIY. They seldom, if ever, are professionally applied. These act as protection against stains and scratches and regular applications are necessary to maintain effective protection. Water-based epoxy is not as expensive or durable as solid epoxy materials. They are a good outdoor product that is effective in humid climates. Water-based epoxy materials are not recommended for high-traffic retail area applications as they do not possess a high degree of durability or longevity.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors

Concrete overlays are applied when the base surface is too pocked, shows pervious repairs, or has too many imperfections to successfully be retrofitted. They are self-leveling, low-maintenance, easy-care decorative epoxy terrazzo, epoxy metallic coating applications, or self-dispersing epoxies that fill the voids and smooth the surface. Color, cuts, finishes, and panel designs may be added or incorporated. Here is some more info on self-leveling epoxy floors on our website.

Epoxy Terrazzo Concrete Overlay

Seamless epoxy terrazzo concrete overlay is a durable, long-life, low maintenance solid epoxy resin matrix that may be pigmented to achieve multiple design colors. It is a no-shrink material making single monolith pours cost-effective, efficient, and long-lasting. Aggregates such as glass, granite, or marble chips, and other synthetic pieces may be added. It is the “BEST THIN-SET AVAILABLE” with a very quick 12-hour pour-to-grind time. INSTALL – CURE OVERNIGHT – POLISH THE NEXT DAY!

This type of epoxy concrete flooring is solid, crack-resistant, and nearly indestructible making it ideal for high impact, high traffic in retail as well as in commercial and industrial facilities.

The major drawback is that the non-porous thickness of the epoxy that restricts fungi and bacteria growths also does not allow the system to breathe. Trapped moisture vapor from the concrete slab can the epoxy’s innate adhesion. We install a premium vapor barrier to protect the top coat from moisture damage. Although epoxy systems are typically UV-stable, this system should also NOT be exposed to outdoor UV rays.

Metallic and Flaked Epoxy Concrete Coatings

New guilded metallic, chips, and flake epoxy concrete floor coatings lend popular shimmering modern, upscale effects to retail, office, and restaurant floors. These additions provide polished silver, copper, bronze, and nickel finishes. Actual metallic powders and pigments are incorporated into the resin to create the reflective, shiny finish.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy with Quartz is strong and durable and includes anti-slip material.

Aggregate Epoxy Floors

Aggregate epoxy concrete flooring is the most decorative of epoxy concrete floors. The textured epoxy flooring includes surface anti-slip and grip, which makes it suitable for areas prone to dampness, such as retail kitchen or restroom/shower areas, outdoor decks, or poolside.

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