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If your concrete floor is showing signs of wear and is displaying imperfections, you do not have to completely replace the floor to fix the issue. Completely replacing a damaged concrete flooring system in Nyc can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Your best alternative is to have a concrete overlay. With a concrete overlay, a concrete floor can be transformed into a fresh new floor within a day and with minimal cost. An overlay can give your drab concrete floor a brilliant new color, pattern, and design. Worn out, boring, and dull concrete floors can benefit from a concrete overlay to make the concrete floor beneath stronger and more durable. It can also add a decorative style to enhance its aesthetic value.

What are Concrete Overlays?

A concrete overlay is a process which prepares the surface of a concrete floor before new concrete is laid on top of the floor. Concrete overlays are done through dyeing, stamping, and staining for a beautiful end result.

Concrete overlays can last a lifetime when properly applied and protected by a coating or sealer. Proper preparation of the concrete floor in Nyc prior to the application of the overlay is important to prevent delamination (separation of the layers) and to ensure the overlay will last a long time.

Concrete overlays in Nyc can either be cement-based or polymer-based. Polymer-based overlays though are more popularly used today. They adhere better to concrete floors and are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) exposure, chemicals, salt, and extreme temperatures.

There is no limit to what you can do with decorative concrete overlays in New York. Textures and finishes can range from very smooth to heavy. Through the use of hand trowels, rollers, floats, and rubber squeegees, you can achieve a wide range of decorative finishes.

Types of Concrete Overlays

One of the main selling points of decorative concrete overlays is that it can restore damage concrete floors quickly. Polymer-based overlays dry up fast and some of the processes can allow foot traffic within hours after installation.

The time it will take to install an overlay depends on the level of preparation the concrete floor needs and the type of decorative concrete overlay which needs to be installed. Curing time varies, too. Southside Retail Epoxy Concrete Polishing installers should be able to explain the process and how long it will take to complete the job.

Stained Concrete Overlay

Stained concrete overlays are more popular for commercial concrete floors. The process involves the application of a thin polymer overlay layer to the concrete floor or slab. One or a combination of colors are chemically stained on the surface to achieve a natural looking, new concrete floor.

Stamped Concrete Overlay

The stamped concrete overlay is similar to stamped concrete but is simpler to install. It is also less labor intensive. The process involves the application of the overlay and imprinting the stamp or textured finish.

A stamped concrete overlay can be made to mimic the look of stone, brick, marble, tile, slate, wood, and a a number of other styles with the application of stains. Stamped concrete overlays are popularly done in driveways, patios, walkways. This type of overlay can also come in various colors.

Sprayed Concrete Overlay

This type of overlay uses a power sprayer to spray the finish over the concrete floor. A smooth finish is achieved by this overlay process. An additional textured finish can be sprayed to make the floor slip resistant. This type of overlay is popularly used in pool decks.

Where are Concrete Overlays Best Used?

Concrete overlays are best used to add color, pattern, and texture to exterior concrete floors or slabs commonly in:

  •  Patios
  •  Pool Decks
  •  Sidewalks
  •  Driveways

Interior floors (those which have been previously covered with carpets or linoleum. All residues first have to be removed).

Why Choose Concrete Overlays?

Concrete overlays can make concrete floors appear more beautiful; a concrete overlay can add another degree of functionality as well. Concrete overlays are your best alternative if you want to avoid a complete replacement of concrete floors. While it can save you a lot of time and money, it can also add beauty and value to your home. We also offer commercial concrete polishing services.

  •  It completely prevents the need to replace worn-out concrete floors
  •  It adds texture, patterns, and colors to a dull existing concrete floor.
  •  It resurfaces interior concrete floors through dyes and stains resulting in beautiful patterns and colors.
  •  It protects the concrete floor
  •  It levels and smoothens uneven concrete floors

How Are Concrete Overlays done?

Most concrete overlays & retail polished concrete are decorative in nature. It works both ways. While you are restoring the damaged concrete floor or slab, you are giving it a more beautiful look.

The most critical step in concrete overlay installation is the proper preparation of the concrete surface. The concrete floor (substrate) needs to be thoroughly cleaned. All existing dirt, dust, and coatings need to be removed.

The surface is then roughened and profiled to ensure good bonding between the substrate and the overlay materials. Either acid etching, diamond grinding, shot blasting, sand blasting or scarifying is used to profile the concrete floor depending on its condition.

Cracks are repaired so they will not be visible over the topping. Materials include water reducing admixtures, cement, polymers, and aggregate.

Overlays are best installed on a day when temperatures range between 550-650. This will ensure that the overlay cures slowly and bonds well with the concrete floor. The decorative overlay is installed per portion or per block depending on the design.

Why Hire Professionals?

To enjoy the full benefits of concrete overlays, leave the job to South Side Concrete Polishing. It can be a difficult do-it-yourself project. Decorative designs can be done manually for simple patterns and designs. The more complex designs can be done with computer software. Southside Concrete Polishing installers are well equipped with the latest techniques and skills using different overlay materials. They can also provide you with expert and creative ideas as well as all the possibilities concrete overlay can do with your concrete floor. Concrete overlays are easier and more convenient to install than other concrete flooring options. They can simply be installed over a properly prepared concrete floor surface to create a new aesthetically beautiful concrete floor with your very own designs, patterns, and color.

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