Reasons To Hire An Epoxy Flooring Contractor

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Hire An Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Southside epoxy coating contractor in New York City is perfect to make your concrete floor more durable and to give your garage that fab look. An epoxy coating is also resistant to chemical spills hot tires from your cars. It will not also crack or chip when heavy objects fall on it.

An epoxy coating will give your garage floor a beautiful showroom-like gloss finish. To top it all, an epoxy garage floor in NYC is easy to clean and is low in maintenance.

Epoxy can be a difficult material to handle. When not properly installed, certain issues can arise. Installation should also be done by a reliable and highly skilled New York City epoxy flooring contractor to further avoid such issues.

Hire the Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Hiring the wrong epoxy flooring contractor in Manhattan can lead to these epoxy coating issues:

  1. Peeling Issues

Epoxy is made up of one part resin and one part hardener. When these are mixed a chemical reaction ensures to create a plastic-like material. Epoxy needs to be properly mixed before it is applied to the concrete floor.

Over mixing, under mixing or not applying the epoxy material on the precise time after mixing will not cause the epoxy material and the concrete surface to bind well. When this happens, the epoxy coating will peel tend off when it dries up.

There are required temperature and humidity levels in New York City when an epoxy coating should be installed to achieve the best results. Installing epoxy when humidity is high or during extreme temperatures will also cause epoxy not to properly adhere to the concrete surface. This will also cause the epoxy coating to peel off.

2. Moisture Issues

An epoxy coating seals the concrete floor and since it is non-porous the concrete floor will not be able to breathe. Applying an epoxy coating to a concrete floor that is not completely dry will cause moisture to build-up. This will cause the epoxy coating to develop blisters once it dries up.

Moisture is also most likely to build-up when there is a difference between the temperatures of the substrate and the epoxy material. The floor will sweat and blisters will also develop when the epoxy dries up.

3. Bubbling Issues

A bubbling epoxy floor in New York is caused by the formation of air pockets beneath the epoxy. This happens when the epoxy coating is applied or exposed to direct sunlight after application. Air pockets form when epoxy quickly cures because the air beneath the epoxy layer will expand and push it up.

Installing an epoxy coating when the climate is too cool in NYC, will prevent solvents from being released from the epoxy material. This will take the epoxy coating a much longer time to cure. Once the climate turns warm, the solvents will rapidly evaporate and will cause the coating to develop bubbles.

Bubbles will also develop when concrete becomes extremely porous during installation and traps air inside. When the air beneath the epoxy coating warms up it will get pass through the substrate and will cause the epoxy coating to develop bubbles.

4. Inconsistent Color Issues

An epoxy coating will have an inconsistent color when the material is not properly mixed prior to installation. The concrete floor may also have some remaining grease or oil which could mix with the epoxy material during installation.

Who’s the Culprit?

All these issues contribute to a failure in installation. A failure in installation happens when the people installing the epoxy coating do not have a thorough knowledge of the epoxy material and the factors to consider for a successful epoxy installation.

These common epoxy issues can be avoided when an experienced and reputable epoxy flooring contractor in New York City is in-charge of the project. These professionals will properly prepare the concrete floor prior to installation. Poor preparation is the main culprit of most of the issues.

Properly preparing the concrete floor prior to installation is one of the most important steps in the entire epoxy coating installation process in NYC. Small errors in the preparation phase will result in big problems which will only be visible after the curing of the epoxy coating.

An epoxy coating installed by a New York City epoxy flooring contractor will prevent errors in installation. These professionals will also ensure that your epoxy garage floor gets all the benefits an epoxy coating can offer.

An epoxy coating installation in NYC is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. Hiring the pros to do the job is the most cost-effective and logical thing to do. You will never go wrong with a New York City epoxy flooring contractor.

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