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It can feel as though one spilled chemical is all it takes to leave your floors stained until you can afford to replace or clean them. And when you need a durable, spotless system for your home, office, and more, you need the Bronx epoxy flooring experts.

Resin surfaces offer a better alternative over traditional material types as they require little maintenance to stay durable during the year. When carpets, hardwood, tiles, grout, and other systems fail to keep up with your daily wear-and-tear, you can enjoy:

  • Increased Durability
  • Simplified Cleaning
  • Straightforward Maintenance
  • Stain, Impact, & Moisture Resistant
  • No VOCs
  • Long Service Life
  • And more.

And when you need to know that your epoxy flooring project gets completed without a hitch, choose Southside Concrete Polishing. As your trusted name in advanced floor installation solutions, we guarantee your best results possible on every job you have.

From upgrading your interior living spaces to your local small business, we remain the trusted epoxy flooring company for you. See why more area residents continue to make the change from traditional flooring to new resin surfaces for less.

  • Quick quality flooring results at cost-effective rates
  • Custom solutions that fit residential and industrial properties
  • Free consultation from our inhouse flooring professionals
  • Knowledgeable and well-equipped flooring experts for the best results
  • Insurance cover to ensure you get safe installations without additional costs
  • Flexible work hours to meet your needs at your convenience
  • Extensive knowledge combined with in-house resources to provide more.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring may be a simple building material, but our contractors can achieve a variety of appearances for your final flooring project results. Whether you prefer minimalistic design choices or wish to mimic other options (such as stone or marble), we can assist you with any requests.

Your kitchen floors become safer from boiling pots of water, harsh chemicals, and sharp knives, as well as heavy foot traffic day after day. If you choose to install epoxy in your garage, you can look forward

One reason why epoxy flooring has become such a popular solution for many homeowners remains its versatility and customizability. Hiring our team means enjoying more installation options for virtually any interior space, while helping you upgrade your building with:

  • Self-Leveling Epoxy
  • Self-Dispersing FloorsSelf-Dispersing with Quartz
  • Mortar Epoxy Floors
  • Epoxy Flaked Flooring
  • Graveled Epoxy Floors
  • Commercial Epoxy Flooring
  • Residential Epoxy Floors
  • And more Queens epoxy flooring services.

Whatever it takes to leave your rooms or facilities better protected, you can count on us. See why we stay your trusted name in the Bronx, NYC for epoxy flooring services. Save more on quality solutions today.

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Work With the Top Contractor for Your Floors in Bronx, NY

Southside Concrete Polishing has been in the flooring business for more than a decade now. We offer premium flooring solutions for both residential and commercial spaces in Red Bank and its surroundings. Expect nothing but quality flooring systems because our teams are passionate about excellence and deliver affordable results on every project.

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What is Epoxy Flooring?

All flooring projects begin as raw materials that carefully build on one another and epoxy flooring is no different. Instead of nailing wood panels together or setting floor tiles, we build up a two-part resin for your surfaces.

As the material pours to create the new floor, it also begins the curing (drying) process as well. Once it finishes curing, the entire system becomes one unified surface that works together for your daily needs.

Because the materials utilize a chemical reaction, they won’t change back to a liquid or become softer again. Instead, it forms a single hardened shell that can withstand heavy foot traffic, dropped items, liquid spills, and other hazards.

Few other building options can compare with the long-lasting durability or beauty of your new resin flooring systems. For the local epoxy flooring contractor that you can rely on, our team always produces the best results each time.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring is used in a wide range of settings, from retail shops to manufacturing centers. No matter which industry your company competes in, it proves the ideal choice for your facilities, including:

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Private Storage Facilities
  • Automotive Services
  • High Foot Traffic Offices
  • And more commercial epoxy flooring needs.

Its high impact resistance and durability against stains, oils, and greases make it the perfect flooring material for your company. Experience the best in long-lasting new floors with our talented Bronx epoxy contractors! For better installation results, call Southside today.

Residential Epoxy Floors

More homeowners see the lasting benefits and beauty of having our Bronx epoxy flooring contractors service their houses. Wherever we can access your foundation slab, we can create your best new floors for your interior living spaces, including:

  • Bathroom Floors
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Bedroom Floors
  • Finished Basements
  • Elegant Dining Rooms
  • Durable Hallways
  • Family Garages
  • And more interior living areas.

When you need something different from the same carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring installation projects, we can update your home. Choose the best in local Bronx epoxy floor services for your house and enjoy long-lasting, beautiful surfaces today.

How Does Epoxy Flooring Get Installed?

Epoxy flooring gets installed through several steps, most of which prepare the original concrete surface to bond with the resin. Unfortunately, that means that most applications stay limited to where we can access your foundation slab to install them.

We utilize a six-step process that has been proven to create the best epoxy flooring possible for more projects. And you can expect a superior installation from our Bronx epoxy contractors at every step of your job.

First, we expose imperfections in the cement with an industrial diamond-tipped scrubbing pad. Next, we clean every stain, oil spot, dust, and residue we find for a smooth, clean working surface.

From there, we apply a primer coat to give the bonding agent something to stick to for longer-lasting results. If we find any cracks, we fill them in with adhesives.

Finally, we apply the first layer of epoxy, let it cure, and then pour the second coat 24 hours later. Choose us at Southside Concrete Polishing for your best Bronx epoxy flooring contractors today.

The Bronx Epoxy Flooring Near Me

Hiring an experienced epoxy flooring contractor is proven to be the faster, more reliable approach to your home improvement projects and commercial needs. Do It Yourself kits sold in hardware stores often use inferior quality materials and adhesives that only diminish your results.As your experienced source for more types of epoxy flooring solutions, we guarantee new floors that last. And when they do need care and maintenance, our team leaves your floors in peak condition. Choose the team at Southside Concrete Polishing for epoxy flooring contractors.

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