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At Southside Concrete Polishing, we cater to a wide range of industries that have ultra-specific requirements for their flooring needs. We utilize our 35 years of experience, the latest equipment, and our highly trained and skilled crew to deliver the best flooring solutions possible. We are well-versed in the latest concrete polishing and epoxy flooring techniques. Below is a list of industries that we frequently serve; if you don’t see your industry on the list, contact us today! We can cater to any industry-specific flooring requirements imaginable.

Industrial Epoxy Coated Floors

Over the last 35 years, we’ve worked with companies that own numerous industrial facilities, factories, large commercial spaces, and warehouses; the privilege has been all ours, as we have refined and perfected our craft over the years. These clients need tremendously durable flooring systems to handle some of the extreme pressure and weight exerted by heavy machinery and vehicles.

Our commercial epoxy flooring systems are extremely durable, strong, and impact resistant. Over time, these floors prove their cost-effectiveness. Our polished concrete floors withstand heavy loads, resist chemical stains and damage, and shrug off heavy foot traffic and sudden impacts. We also have options such as slip-resistant aggregate to add another level of protection for anyone who may be working on the finished floors.


Educational Facilities

We’ve delivered quality polished concrete flooring in New York to a number of private and public educational facilities. Along with our polished concrete, there are a number of options that educational facilities often request; chief among the requests is decorative concrete. This flooring solution is available in a wide variety of finishes and colors and can add a vibrance to school hallways. Do away with bland, grey concrete!

In addition to the creation of an atmosphere that fosters creative expression, our floors provide incredible durability that can handle thousands of footsteps from students every day – for years on end. Our impact- and moisture-resistant flooring protects against mold accumulation and chipping; because of this, our floors last decades without any need for major repairs.

Retail Spaces and Showrooms

Retail spaces and automobile showroom floors require a high degree of durability for the large amount of foot traffic they receive every day. Since new displays, heavy equipment, and large objects (such as cars) are moved in and out of these facilities on a daily basis, the floors must be non-porous, solid, and impact-resistant.

Our retail polished concrete in New York provides a minimalist look while providing a surface that will last for years. It’s a low-maintenance choice that looks remarkably beautiful. Our polished concrete and epoxy flooring systems are perfect solutions for every retail application! The floors are spill-resistant, chemical-resistant, highly decorative and customizable, and stand up to years of heavy foot traffic and heavy furniture/loads.

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Corporate Offices

Epoxy flooring, stained concrete, and polished concrete have all become extremely popular flooring solutions in the corporate world. We attribute this change in flooring to a couple reasons:

It’s easy to clean. No more vacuuming over dirty, tacky carpets.

It’s incredibly customizable. Our stained concrete offers a wide variety of color and design options; a completely unique floor is only days away with Southside!

It’s moisture-resistant and microbe-resistant. The hypoallergenic properties of epoxy flooring and polished concrete cut down on the amount of allergens in the building.

The verdict is in; epoxy flooring is here to stay. Concrete is the new sexy and epoxy is the new shag carpet. Make your office look as beautiful as possible while providing a level of safety and functionality that other flooring systems wish they had. Contact us today for the best concrete polishing in New York.

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Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Hospitals treat a large amount of people with compromised immune systems – every day. The floors of these buildings need to have the highest degree of liquid linoleum antimicrobial application to provide the utmost in infection control; we are proud to provide public health facilities and hospitals with flooring that meets stringent quality control requirements.

Our services aren’t just limited to functionality; in addition, our flooring can be customized with multiple design and color options to make your floor as beautiful as it is functional. Our easy-to-clean, stain-resistant floors can also be customized to include your hospital’s colors, logo, and branding. Our epoxy flooring in New York is extremely durable, endlessly customizable, and moisture- and microbial- resistant, to provide an attractive, functional, and safe flooring experience.

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