Retail Polished Concrete – How is Polished Concrete Installed?

The typical homeowner agonizes over which flooring systems should get installed in their home. From home renovation projects to water damage remediation, you never know when you need to know your options.

While you have more choices than ever before, how can you know which floors stay the most cost-effective? Many tile, wood, and carpet options carry higher installation fees and they aren’t always the longest-lasting options.

Instead, more homeowners have been turning to polished concrete IN Nyc for its unique appearance and its lasting durability. Spills, moisture, and direct impacts can’t hold a match to concrete floors.

At Southside Concrete Polishing, we continue saving more New York City, New York residents on superior flooring systems. When you need a polished concrete contractor you can depend on, you won’t find a more reliable choice than us.

See why more area homeowners turn to us as their preferred concrete polishing company. No one else leaves your floors as perfect than us.

What is Industrial Polished Concrete?

Polished Retail concrete floors are surfaces that were once bare cement, which was sanded to a smooth, even finish. More often than not, you can immediately tell what area uses polished concrete by the telltale swirling patterns left behind from the installation.

Unlike poured concrete found around the outside of a building, like driveways, sidewalks, and walkways, these systems offer lots of customizability. You can have your surfaces mimic other flooring materials such as tiles, woods, and ceramic, or have it colored, stained, and dyed.

Other homeowners prefer to have metallic flakes added in, granting it a similar finished appearance to epoxy flooring. From patterns, mosaics, and emblems, to simplified installation techniques, you would be surprised at what we can accomplish.

You can enjoy polished concrete flooring indoors and outdoors, creating an elegant swimming pool deck or beautiful living room area. Durable, stunning, and longer lasting than many other systems, it’s no wonder why more homeowners choose polished concrete.

When you need your new cement floors to last a lifetime, you need a better source for installation services. Give your home the best choice around and contact us today.

Concrete Polishing Company in New York City

One of the most prominent reasons for polished concrete becoming as popular as it remains is due to the materials that already exist in your home. Your polished concrete surfaces are, surprisingly, the top most portion of your house’s concrete slab.

Much like basement floors, you’re standing directly on what we use to create the finished product. Once we have completely stripped away the existing flooring surface, we can begin building your new system.

First, we scrub away any remaining residues, stains, and other contaminants, giving you the best quality of finish. From there, much of the work is sanding down the surface until it’s smooth and even like tile.

The longer we polish your bare concrete floors, the finer the grit that gets used. At that point, you can inform us of whether you prefer a rougher finished coat or a high-gloss finish. Southside Retail Concrete Polishing has the answers.

During the sanding process, we can add in a variety of colors and patterns, helping you to customize your floors fully. When you need a unique and cost-effective approach to home upgrades, calling us should be first on your list.

Most building materials are offered in several different grades and textures. Everything from stucco to wood, steel, and even epoxy systems have a large degree of customizability.

How, then, can you see a noticeable change in your current concrete slab and the final polished surface? The answer comes down to how much labor you prefer when setting your flooring up.

When you hire us at Southside Commercial Concrete Polishing, we offer three grades of finished floors to select. Whether you prefer a more rustic, gravelly appearance, or rooms that look smooth and creamy, we have the ideal solution for you.

Most homeowners prefer the finest grade possible, as it leads to a finish that looks more like traditional flooring materials. Others, however, enjoy a rougher surface as it shows off more of a textured, composite look.

Even if you’re somewhere in the middle, we can help with an elegant salt and pepper appearance. Whatever level of grade that you prefer for floors, our team offers the best service around. Learn More.

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Stained Concrete Finishes

Many residents find themselves concerned about owing a house that looks like you live on a patio or sidewalk. However, refined concrete systems eliminate that worry with a variety of different finish options.

Some people prefer to see concrete flooring that mimics shimmering marble surfaces. Or, they might enjoy a rougher, less vibrant appearance that keeps the focus elsewhere.

What determines the final finish coat on your system is the level of sanding that you have us perform. We utilize three grades of sanding grits to achieve different styles and sheens.

400 grit leaves your floors with a reduced gloss which allows some of the gravel and aggregate to show through. An 800-grit finish, on the other hand, provides you with a mirror-like medium shine.

Finally, our finest 1800-grit creates a smooth, glass-like finish that reflects more light every day. From stunning glossy surfaces to rustic concrete floors, we can install any finish that you prefer.

We love our best in class, stained concrete products.

How Affordable is Polished Concrete?

Because projects involving longer labor times and advanced techniques can drive the price tag up, many homeowners think that all polished concrete systems stay pricey. However, what many don’t understand is that they remain among the most cost-effective surfaces you can have installed.

Some companies offer polished concrete for as little as $2 per square foot, although you likely aren’t getting a quality installation. However, even at the higher end of the cost spectrum, you shouldn’t pay more than $8 per square foot.

Even if you go for the added expense of high-gloss, customized floors, you can still likely save when compared to other materials. And while other flooring options exist at affordable rates, they aren’t the ones you prefer for an upgrade.

Stone tiles can cost around $20 per square foot and they may not withstand as much weight as concrete. Wood floors start economically enough, but can quickly have higher maintenance costs.

Polished concrete systems are inexpensive to install and require little upkeep, saving you more up front and in the long haul. And when you choose experienced contractors like us, you can enjoy even more cost reductions.

How Harmful is Polished Concrete on the Environment?

Although the expense of home solar power systems remains too high for many, many homeowners seek out ways to lessen their environmental impact. Surprisingly, many people aren’t aware that their choice in flooring materials possibly contributes to pollution.

One may think that a surface such as bamboo would lessen the amount of chemicals that is released into the air. However, because all wood floors require powerful industrial adhesives, they produce more daily fumes than you would otherwise imagine.

Carpet flooring, while still a popular option, may be the most allergy-prone surface you can have in your home. Not only do carpet floors trap dust, allergens, and other debris, they also break down slowly in landfills.

Polished concrete is among the eco-friendliest flooring types you can enjoy, even with dyes and stains added. Not only does the product require a minimal amount of harsh chemicals, it also helps to regulate your house’s temperature.

You might feel surprised to learn that you run your air conditioner less in the summer, as well as fewer heating hours in winter. To do your part for the planet without much effort, consider polished concrete floors today.

Other Polished Concrete Benefits

Less harmful, lower maintenance, and more cost-effective should be all of the selling points you would need. However, the benefits of professionally polished concrete don’t stop there.

While all floors require time to be installed and settled, most concrete systems need between three days and a week to finish curing. The space covered, its final finish and grade, and any other customizable items ultimately determine how soon you can use them.

Your cement floors will likely outlast any other material choice you could have selected, with little more than minor cracks to fill as maintenance items. Other than using a dry or wet mop once every few days, there isn’t much else for you to fuss over.

Unlike tile and wood floors, you don’t need to add wax and sealants every few months, preventing lingering maintenance costs as well. One installation by our flooring experts is all it takes for years of faithful service.

Inexpensive, eco-friendly, and longer lasting, there is nothing that polished concrete can’t accomplish for you. Contact us now and discuss your project needs and enjoy the floors you’ll love the most.

Concrete Overlays

Adding a variety of colors to polished concrete through the application of concrete dyes and stains allows polished concrete floors to have a decorative look instead of the usual dull gray concrete floor. That is great but sometimes the integrity of a concrete slab is not good enough to stain or epoxy. When that is the case, we do a concrete overlay. We have more information on concrete overlays .

Why Hire Southside Concrete Polishing?

The single most vital factor you can consider for your floors is how experienced your contracting team is. When you hire someone based on price alone, you aren’t asking how many systems they have handled before.

Our expert team of flooring professionals offers a variety of different techniques and materials, from epoxy resin and industrial surfaces, to refinishing solutions and style choices. Our polished concrete options, however, remain the most cost-effective way of adding lots of wow factor to any property.

No matter how complicated your unique design preferences remain or where you need to see our installation team, we guarantee the best results possible for less every day. Our staff has the level of experience you need for faster completion times and a better quality of finish, no matter what scope of work you have for us.

When you need to know that you have hired the best team around, you won’t see a more qualified option than our contractors. No one else in NYC comes close to our level of quality that we achieve every day.

If you need a trusted choice in local flooring contractors, you need to call us first for your home now. Save more on lasting quality now and hire our team today.

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