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What’s Hot in Commercial Flooring this Year and Beyond?

The trending commercial flooring system keep on changing from time to time. Not only, the residential floors need uplift but the commercial flooring  in New York requires it too. Most of the business owners want perfect and aesthetically great commercial floors. It may be for their offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and much more.

The polished concrete, epoxy floors, decorative floors, etc. are much in demand. To get the right commercial flooring it is important to take the services from the experienced professionals. The Southside Concrete Polishing Company is one such popular name. We are rated among the best Polished Concrete Flooring service providers in Nyc. Let us now see some of the hottest trends that will make their way this year and beyond.

Vinyl Flooring

The Vinyl Flooring is luxurious flooring that is making rounds nowadays. The rigid core used with vinyl has made it less hectic for the professionals and technicians to correct the subfloor perfections. This kind of flooring adds the extra benefit to the stronger structure.

Commercial Flooring

This can be also used as a cheap substitute for the hardwood flooring, as these are low in maintenance. It is made from the synthetic and natural polymer material. This is mainly used in office lobbies, hospitals, schools, etc. Most of the commercial owners are opting for the Vinyl flooring because of the innovative material and availability of the designs.

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Epoxy Concrete Flooring

This is another fabulous idea if you want your commercial space to leave people mesmerized. The Epoxy coating applied on the concrete floors remains durable for a long period.

The industries must take services from certified concrete flooring experts. We, at Southside Concrete Polishing, provide the Epoxy Flooring concrete coating at competent rates. We are expert in coating commercial establishments for a long time.

The application of Epoxy coating over the concrete floor creates a smooth, high-performance, and durable flooring system. It lasts for much time and can withstand the heavy load on its surface too. Moreover, this type of coating is being used for commercial organizations for much time. The result of its stronger bond is the blending of two chemicals as hardener and resin that creates a higher-quality concrete floor coating in Nyc.

A few reasons to choose Epoxy coating are:

  • Increased life of your floors
  • Glossy finish
  • Resistant to abrasion, water and any other kind of impact
  • It can easily blend with the concrete flooring
  • Enhancement of reflection of the light by 300%
  • No impact of the chemical spills or the dust

Most of the business owners are giving a colorful twist to the commercial floors with this decorative concrete. The designs can be used as accents or the color pops with the neutrals. Even fabulous art can be created with the help of stamping, concrete overlay on old floors, staining, or polishing it with colorful hues. Even luxury vinyl is also an available option with this decorative concrete flooring in New York. Most of the companies are using a designer or colorful shades that match their brand. Although traditional flooring is also an option, decorative concrete or vinyl flooring stands as an ideal option.

Tile Flooring

The tiles are still much in demand even with the coming up of glossy coatings or decorative concretes. The larger tiles can be seen in the commercial spaces giving it an amazing touch. Under the concrete flooring, the porcelain tiles seem the best, as they are durable. These tiles are somewhat difficult to install but if the industry is using the services of experts and innovative technology, then the porcelain tiles can be installed carefully. The decorative tiles are available in the concrete form as well as in porcelain that makes it less expensive and it last longer.

Amazing Polished Concrete Floors

The commercial establishments opt for the polished concrete floors in NYC if the old concrete floors look worn out or not in good shape. It is the best option to give a newer look to the concrete slabs. Even if there is any defect or flaw in your present concrete flooring the modern tools and types of equipment can transform it into good quality polished concrete flooring.

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To achieve the shine in the concrete flooring, the diamond grinding is done with the liquid hardener being applied to the floor space. If the floor is flawless, then the time required is less but if there are a few defects or cracks, then it may take a little more time. The larger industrial organizations or the retailers are opting for the polished concrete flooring  Nyc system. There are many reasons to choose this type of flooring:

  • Provision of a smooth and cleaner surface that is peel and scratch-free
  • Making the concrete surface harder by nearly 50%
  • These are low maintenance
  • Resistant to any kind of slips
  • The availability of polished concrete is at various levels of gloss from low to high
  • After its installation, the polished concrete flooring can be used instantly
  • Increase in light reflectivity by nearly 100%
  • The proper application gives it a lifespan of 10 years
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Finally, these recent trends in commercial flooring are going to give a decent and lustrous look to your commercial space. The commercial owners must take the services from the experienced professionals who can guide you on the designs, textures, pattern, the material of concrete, types of flooring, etc.

Now that you’re aware of the trending flooring system you may also want to check out South Side NYC for more details. You may also find Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete Overlays interesting, feel free to give it a light skim.

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